Mini Remote Control Helicopters

Welcome to one of the most exciting pages on the web, this page contains every variety of Remote Control Toy Helicopters you can think of! They are the latest craze and really have to be seen to be believed, you can have your mini remote control helicopter hovering above the dinner table or have them soaring through the skies in the park!

So take a look and see which Mini Helicopter best suits you and your pocket! Click on an image for more info and some model RC helicopters even have  a video clip;

Mini Remote Control Helicopter Videos

Below is a video of one of our most popular Radio controlled helicopter which is the RC Battle Helicopters. To View the full list of the videos we have of our Remote Control Toys visit our RC Videos Page.


Welcome to our RC Helicopters page, this page contains all of our radio controlled helicopters, which need very little explanation. They really are great fun and afternoons can be lost trying to land them on your grandad's head while he is asleep in his arm chair! (QI Remote Control toys would like to state that we have never done this and neither would we recommend trying it either!)

Helicopters were first thought of by Leonardo Da Vinci with his famous flying screw design, although the problem with this design is that he could not stop the blades rotating the other section of the craft, this was overcome by adding a tail rotor to counter the torque effect of the blades. Our Mini Remote Control Helicopters also have this technology.

We have either remote control outdoor helicopters or if you prefer the comfort of your own home we also have many indoor radio controlled helicopters.

Helicopters are the coolest of all aircraft, they allow the pilot to hover, in the same spot and take off and land vertically which cannot be achieved by conventional aircraft. Making them perfect for rescue missions and as weapons of war where runways are not generally available behind enemy lines! As well as this they are the aircraft of choice for celebrities all over the world.

Our RC Helicopters have all of the attributes of full sized helicopters (except the passenger carrying obviously!) they can perform all of the same aerial acrobatics, with a bit of practise of course. Some of the easiest to use has to be the Syma Helicopter range and in particular the Syma Dragonfly so why not check them out now!

So why not treat yourself or someone else to the must have toy, one of our fantastic Mini Remote Control helicopters, just don't tell Grandad!

Our Radio Controlled Helicopters  come in a variety of different styles, sizes and colours but each one is of the highest quality and is sure to keep the recipient entertained for years. Go on there is no excuse, get one of our radio controlled helicopters today. 

If you need something land or sea going then please check out our Radio Controlled Cars Page and our Radio Controlled boats page, or to see everything all at once then click remote control toys to be taken back to our homepage.

Battle Remote Control Helicopters

RC Battle Helicopters - Fantastic RC helicopters that shoot  infrared laser beams at each other and...
Larger Image

Price £44.99


Remote Control Fairy Helicopter

Remote Control Fairy Helicopter - A tiny RC heli that is nibble and easy to manoeuvre which is...
Larger Image

Price £13.99


Remote Control Micro X Rotor Helicopter

Micro X Rotor Helicopter - This remote control helicopter is what dreams are made of and this RC...
Larger Image

Price £14.99


Syma Mini Dragonfly Remote Control Helicopter

Syma Dragonfly Remote Control Helicopter - A tiny RC Helicopter that can fit in the palm of your hand yet...
Larger Image

Price £20.99

Apache Remote Control Helicopter

Radio Controlled Apache - This remote control helicopter is just like the real thing and has the technology to...
Larger Image

Price £49.99

Beetle Remote Control Helicopter

Remote Control Flying Beetle - This unique mini r c helicopter is colourful and cool and has been one of our best RC helis this...
Larger Image

Price £19.99

Fairy Remote Control Helicopter

Fairy Remote Control Helicopter - If your looking for the ultimate mini remote control helicopter then you...
Larger Image

Price £19.99

Mosquito Remote Control Helicopter

Radio Controlled Mosquito - This really is a fun little insect micro remote control helicopter that has superb control...
Larger Image

Price £29.99

o2top Mini Remote Control Helicopter

o2top Mini Remote Control Helicopter - These micro helicopters are tiny RC helis that are so much fun you...
Larger Image

Price £19.99

Pocket Remote Control Helicopter

Pocket Remote Control Helicopter - Another mini remote control helicopter and although slightly bigger...
Larger Image

Price £24.99

Syma 9083 Remote Control Helicopter

Syma 9083 Outdoor Helicopter - This model RC helicopter is great for flying around outdoors especially if you...
Larger Image

Price £34.99

Syma 9093 Dragonfly RC Helicopter

Syma 9093 Dragonfly RC Helicopter - This outdoor helicopter has great handling and is great fun too. The shear...
Larger Image

Price £29.99

V3 Lama Remote Control Helicopter

Lama V3 Helicopter - With this mini remote control helicopter you have got optimum flight distance as well as optimum...
Larger Image

Price £34.99

Xrotor Mini Remote Control Helicopter

X-Rotor Helicopter - The finest micro remote control helicopter perfect for an office executive toy or any indoor...
Larger Image

Price £19.99


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