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Product Information

Remote Control Cruiser

Our Price: 69.95

Product Description

Experience the thrills of a cabin cruiser with the realistic looking Atlas 540 RC Cruiser.

The large 28 inch Atlas 540 RC Cruiser offers relaxing cruising or high speed fun in a pool, pond or canal.

Atlas Cruiser has a powerful 540 motor!

Made by Academy, it's tough ABS plastic hull requires some assembly such as trimming plastic, using glue, screw together the internal propulsion and adding stickers.

All the kit's electronic components are neatly bagged for easy assembly. For a unique finish, the white ABS plastic can easily be painted in your own colour scheme.

The 540 motor powers the single-screw propeller and control of direction is from the single rudder.

Extras required is a 2 channel digital proportional radio controller and two servos, two 7.2V NiCd 2,200mAh rechargeable batteries and a charger.

Full instructions are included to help you build the perfect Atlas 540 RC Cruiser.

The Atlas 540 RC Cruiser is a large cabin cruiser that is ideal for users with some experience of RC boats or ambitious beginners looking for some thrills!

Atlas 540 RC Cruiser features

One Atlas 540 RC Cruiser
Made by Academy
Full coloured decals
ABS hull assembled at the factory
In kit form and easy to assemble
Single RS-540 motors
Ball cup joint system
Internal propulsion
Neatly bagged components
Display stand included
Full instructions included
Size: Atlas 540 RC Cruiser L 70.0cm x W 27.5cm x H 25.0cm; weight 1,353g

Atlas 540 RC Cruiser extras (not included)

2x 7.2V NiCd 2,200mAh rechargeable battery
Mains or car charger
Helger Stix-CS 2 channel radio controller
8x AA batteries for transmitter