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Product Information

RC PicooZ Helicopter

Our Price: 17.95

Product Description

Experience amazing indoor flying with the smallest and lightest Micro RC PicooZ Helicopter.


The 6.5 inch long Hobby RC Micro PicooZ Helicopter is fitted with a super wide infrared control and can take-off from a desk top.

The smallest and lightest indoor helicopter!

With the Mini RC Gyrotor Helicopter you can control it with a range of up to 30 feet (10 meters) and includes an LED light when flying.

It's supplied completely ready to fly and you can lean how to take-off, hover, descend, turn left and right with a fixed forward motion.

Made from durable body foam, the real-shape body design has two main rotors and a tail rotor for steady indoor flight.

With the integral Lithium Polymer battery the helicopter has a flight time of 10 minutes and can be charged in less than 30 minutes.

Using infrared triband technology on 3 channels (A, B & C) three helicopters can be flown at the same time.

Supplied in colours yellow (Band B), blue (Band C) and red (Band A). Please specify first and second choices at check-out.

The RC Micro PicooZ Helicopter is a realistic looking miniature helicopter that is great fun for indoor flying.

Micro PicooZ Helicopter features:

One Micro RC PicooZ Helicopter
Made by Sliverlit
Supplied ready-to-fly
Ready to run out of the box
Different frequencies available
Super wide infrared control
Auto-stable technology
Durable foam body
Real-shape body design
Rudder Trimmer
Preselected Tri-bands system
Two channels digital proportional control
Unique steady climb rotor blade system
Endurance of 5-10 minutes
Range of 30 feet (10 meters)
Charge time 20-30 minutes
Full instructions included
Suitable for age 8 years and up
Assorted colours
Attractive window gift box
Size: PicooZ Helicopter Body Length 17.0cm; Rotor 13.0cm; Weight 10.0g

Micro PicooZ Helicopter batteries:

1x 3.7V Li-Poly batteries included
Mains charger included
6x AA for transmitter (not included)