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Product Information

Rides MP3 Scratch Sled (blue)

Our Price: 12.98

Product Description

Mix, record or play your favorite MP3 music with the Rides MP3 Scratch Sled.

The Rides MP3 Scratch Sled look awesome with their oversized speaker-shaped rims sitting on an ultra-modern truck design.

Mix, record and play your Ride!

You can also mix, record and play music and even hook-up your own MP3 player to it and use it as a boombox playing over the songs.

Play the pre-recorded music and watch the flashing lights and use the record discs on top to scratch the music.

Mix - listen to the pre-recorded beats and practice adding your own sound.
Record - play the beat, add your own sound on top and you're a star.
Play - roll your ride and press play for everyone to go wild.

The Rides MP3 Scratch Sled is a fun music player that can mix, record and play.

Rides MP3 Scratch Sled features:

One Rides Scratch Sled (blue)
MP3 compatible
Cable to hook-up MP3 player
Mix, record and play
4x oversized speaker-shaped rims
Can push along a flat surface
Stop/Play function
6x LED Flashing lights
Scratch using record discs
Instructions included
Supplied in attractive open gift box
Size: Rides MP3 Scratch Sled L 23.5cm x H 11cm x W 12.6cm

Rides MP3 Scratch Sled batteries:

4x AA batteries included (for TRY ME function)