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Product Information

PicooZ Sky Challenger

Our Price: 37.95

Product Description

Experience amazing indoor combat flying with the smallest infrared controlled PicooZ Sky Challenger.

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The 7 inch long PicooZ Sky Challenger helicopters are fitted with a super wide infrared control and can take-off from a desk top.

With infrared beam to attack your opponent!

When your helicopter is in position press the 'Attack' button on the radio control unit to fire an infrared beam to disable your opponent's helicopter.

Helicopter larger image

Helicopter larger image Helicopter larger image

Helicopter larger image

Helicopter larger image

Fly two Sky Challengers at the same time up to a range of up to 30 feet (10 meters) with an ideal attack range of 30cm to 6 feet.

It's supplied completely ready to fly and you can lean how to take-off, hover, descend, turn left and right with a fixed forward motion.

Made from durable body foam, the real-shape body design has two main rotors and a tail rotor (2 spare tail propellers included) for steady indoor flight.

With the integral Lithium Polymer battery the helicopter has a flight time of 10 minutes and can be charged in less than 30 minutes.

The PicooZ Sky Challenger is a realistic looking miniature helicopter that is great fun for indoor flying.

PicooZ Sky Challenger features:

PicooZ Sky Challenger (battle pack)
Supplied ready-to-fly out of the box
2x spare tail propellers included
Different frequencies available
Super wide infrared control
2x micro helicopters (red & blue)
Infrared beam disables your opponent
Auto-stable technology
Durable foam body
Real-shape body design
Rudder Trimmer
Pre selected Dual-band system
2x two channels digital proportional control
Attack button on controller
Unique steady climb rotor blade system
Endurance of 5-10 minutes
Range of 30 feet (10 meters)
Charge time 20-30 minutes
Full instructions included
Suitable for age 8 years and up
Attractive opening window gift box
Size: Picoo Z Apache Body Length 18.0cm; Rotor 13.5cm; Weight 10.0g

PicooZ Sky Challenger batteries:

2x 3.7V Li-Poly batteries for helicopters included
12x AA for transmitters (not included)