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Product Information

Fast RC Boat Stealth Ultra

Our Price: 39.95

Product Description

This is an awesome ultra fast RC Stealth Boat with a 30 km/h top speed.

The Stealth Ultra Fast Boat is almost 2.5 feet long yet it is capable of high speeds and is ideal for swimming pools, ponds and lakes.

Fast 30 km/h top speed!

With the radio controlled Stealth Ulta Fast Boat you can have up to 30 minutes of high speed fun.

With twin motors and a range of 30 metres, the Stealth Boat is ideally suited to larger pools, ponds or lakes.

The propellers have an automatic cut-off when you remove it from the water and will only start when in the water.

In case the high torsion propellers are damaged, there is one spare pack of blades.

The Stealth Ultra Fast Boat is great fun for high speed boating.

Stealth Ultra Fast Boat features

One Stealth Ultra Fast Boat
Finished in black
2x 380 racing motors
Speed of 30 km/h
Range of 30 metres
2x high torsion propellers and spares
Propellers stop when removed from water
Radio controller handset
1x set of transfers
Suitable for age 12 years and up
Size: Stealth Ultra Fast Boat L 70.0 cm

Stealth Ultra Fast Boat batteries

8x AA batteries for controller (not included)
Rechargeable battery pack
1x battery charger